Static TV


Sound artist John Wynne and photographer Tim Wainwright reflect on the collaborative visual and sonic portraiture in their Transplant project. A film by Paul W. Craddock & Walter Stabb. Special thanks to John Wynne, Tim Wainwright, Vicky Hume, rb&hArts, and all involved in the Transplant project.


Do You Remember Olive Morris?

An interview with the artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre about  the Brixton-based activist Olive Morris, and Ana Laura’s exhibition ‘Do You Remember Olive Morris?’, which ran at the Gasworks Gallery in Vauxhall, London, from November 2009 to January 2010.

Further information on the exhibition is here, and on Olive Morris and the work of ROC (Remembering Olive Collective) here.

The film was made by Leandro Cardoso, helped by James Wilkes.